The History of San Angelo, Texas

Fort Concho was established in 1867 by the United States Army to protect the settlers and maintain trade routes. Oscar Ruffini, a native of San Angelo, designed many of the city’s early business buildings. David Hulse, a prominent Texas lawyer, spent most of his career in San Angelo. The Oil industry played a large role in the development of the city, including the construction of several downtown office buildings.

Located on the banks of the Concho River, Fort Concho was a frontier military post in the 19th century. It served as a base for patrols in the West Texas region and quell hostile threats. Fort Concho’s location was strategic due to its proximity to cattle trails, stagecoach routes, and mail routes. It was also home to infantry and cavalry units. It was the regimental headquarters for the 11th and 16th Infantry. Today, Fort Concho is the site of a museum that explores life on a frontier soldier.

Oscar Ruffini was the architect of many of the early business buildings in San Angelo

The proto-architect of San Angelo, TX, Oscar Ruffini designed almost all of the city’s early churches and was the architect of 36 downtown buildings, including several residences. He usually personally supervised the construction of these structures. Born in Ohio, Oscar Ruffini studied architecture while apprenticed to an architect in several cities. He was recognized for his unique style of design and later drew inspiration from Italian and French architecture.

David Hulse lived in San Angelo for most of his life

David Hulse was born in San Angelo and attended Central High School. He was a star basketball player in high school and wanted to play basketball in college, but most basketball coaches won’t recruit a five-foot-11 player. So, Hulse turned to baseball and had a strong senior year playing for Central head coach Rex Scofield. After a few years, he drafted Oliver, who has since played for the Los Angeles Angels.

Oil industry in San Angelo

Working in the oil industry can be dangerous. Aside from serious personal injuries, accidents often cause wrongful death. Serious injuries often result from a fall, spill, or malfunction of machinery. Burns and spinal cord injuries can be particularly harmful. Not only can these injuries be life-changing, but they can also cause spiraling medical costs. It is important to speak to an oilfield accident attorney right away to understand the full scope of your rights.

Mexican American property holdings in San Angelo

There are a few sites in the town where you can find evidence of Mexican American property holdings. While many of these sites were built before 1910, some do not. For example, 32 N. Irving Street may be associated with Mexican American property owners. Other possible sites include 35 N. Chadbourne Street, 51 N. Chadbourne Street, and 107 S. Chadbourne Street. In addition, the local Catholic church is important because it was the center of Mexican American community life.

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