Famous People From San Angelo Texas

You may have heard of several famous people born in San Angelo, but you may not know who they are or how they made their mark. Many San Angelo residents are closely associated with the city and state. This article highlights the lives of some of these individuals. They are: Donnie Dunagan, Akash Vukoti, John R. Erickson, and A.C. Greene. Read on to learn more about them.

Donnie Dunagan

Donnie Dunagan is one of the most famous people from San Angelo Texas. He is a retired marine who served for 25 years. During that time, he completed three tours in Vietnam, earning multiple medals, including the purple heart. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Dunagan settled in San Angelo. He is also the voice of Bambi and was also the face model for the film.

Akash Vukoti

Famed American spelling prodigy Akash Vukoti is from San Angelo, Texas. He has appeared on NBC’s “Little Big Shots” and was inducted into the Mensa organization. Vukoti has also made many TV appearances. He has appeared on “Little Big Shots” with Steve Harvey, “The Harry Show,” and “Kelly Clarkson.”

John R. Erickson

A native of San Angelo, Texas, John R. Erickson was born on October 20, 1943. He is an author and cowboy best known for his Hank the Cowdog series of children’s books. He was mentored by Elmer Kelton, who became a friend and mentor to many aspiring writers. Erickson received numerous awards for his writing, and has been a part of many other projects including stage plays and audio books.

A.C. Greene

The population of San Angelo, Texas, was 10,050 in 1920. By 1950, it had doubled to 25,308 people, and surpassed fifty thousand. This growth can be attributed to the Permian Basin oil boom, which began in 1923. A major reason for the 1940s population boom was the establishment of Goodfellow Air Field, which serves as the city’s airport. By 1980, the population was 73,240 people, and by 1990, the population was eighty-four thousand. In 2000, the population was eighty-five thousand.

Rick Perry

As governor of Texas for the past eight years, Rick Perry has become one of the most well-known politicians in the nation. He has announced he will not seek re-election in 2014 and has floated the idea of running for the presidency. But how will he fare against the odds? Here are some facts about the former governor. Here’s a brief history of Perry’s career.

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